Friday, October 17, 2008

4th CESTL Event Summary

One-Day’s Conference, 10-Year’s of Learning

A Powerful Learning at
the 4Th Conference of Elementary-Secondary Teaching & Learning

On December 13, 2008, the 4th CESTL took place in the Long Island Room of the Winnick Student Center at the Long Island University C. W. Post Campus for the first time. The CESTL was organized by Professor Dengting Boyanton and her students who are taking her courses EDI 15A Psychological Perspective: Teaching & Learning, and EDI 600 Educational Foundation in Education in Fall 2008. This conference was intent to be completely student-centered and family-oriented focusing student research on elementary secondary teaching and learning.

It is estimated that a minimum of 127 people attended this conference. Among them, 79 were education major student presenters (both graduate and undergraduate students); 37 were students’ family members (parents, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, children); and 11 were professors/family members. In addition to student presentations, Dr. Arnald Dodge’s keynote address The Meaning of Teaching and five professors’ (Dr. Andrea Mcloughlin, Dr. Joan Walker, Dr. Shaireen Rasheed, Dr. Efleda Tolentino, and Dr. Dengting Boyanton) invited symposium Teaching & Learning: Perspectives from LIU Professors were also highlights of the 4th CESTL.

As previous three CESTLs which were all held at the University of Texas at Brownsville, the 4th CESTL was also a huge success at LIU. It has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students, the professors, and family members. All student presenters (100%) reported that they enjoyed the CESTL tremendously and described this experience as “nerve-wrecking” “exciting” “inspiring” “educational” “informative” “interesting” “meaningful” “enriching” “respectful” “positive” “community” “well-organized” “amazing” “professional” “great” “awesome” “impressive” “phenomenal” and “powerful!”

“Although I spent only one day at the CESTL, the information I learned is more than 10 years of learning.” Ok-Hyun Jo, a graduate student from Korean shared her experience. “I spent 12 hours in the CESTL, and I had a great time.” Grace Thorton, another graduate student said. Undergraduate Nicole Vasheo believed that CESTL is a very enriching experience and she just wish more education majors were involved because it is something that everyone in the education field should be exposed to. When asked for suggestions to improve future CESTLs, undergraduate Annamarie Morgera suggested that more publicity of the CESTL should be displayed in the LIU community because she believes that CESTL is “one of the most important events of the LIU institution.”

Most students worked extremely hard for this event, and their hard work is shown in their presentations. “The presentations and poster boards were a profound reflection of the devotion everyone put into their work. Everyone should be extremely proud of the work they have accomplished.” As Lauren Romano, another graduate student pointed out. Dean Dr. Kathryn Lusteg also said that she was impressed with the students’ research topics and their presentation.

As previous CESTLs, most students felt a strong sense of achievement after presenting at the CESTL. “I realized the true potential I had. I am so impressed with our research paper and I will probably never forget what this class has taught me.” Said undergraduate Michelle Kiernan. Cassie Dunn, a graduate student said that this experience made her feel very proud of herself, and she has re-decided to receive her doctorate in psychology. “I have realized that I am capable of accomplishing all that is required.” Cassie said. Another graduate student Brittany Fedus shared similar feelings “I was so proud of myself, I feel can do anything now!”

The news spread fast. One graduate student presenter Juliet Castellanos, after giving a presentation about the influence of media on students’ behavior, immediately received an invitation the Child Care Council of Long Island to host a two-hour training seminar about the dangers of media in children's lives. “I am very excited about this opportunity and owe it all to you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Juliet told Dr. Boyanton.

To summarize this experience, “Words can’t express the whole experience of yesterdays CESTL presentations. The amount of information I accumulated within a couple of hours would take an individual a life-time to study. I felt extremely privileged to be apart of the first CESTL at C.W. Post.” Said graduate student Celena Ragkaswar.

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