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4th CESTL Evaluations by EDI 600-2 students

CESTL Students' Evaluations by EDI 600-2

WOW! The CESTL was great; and I felt empowered by it yesterday. Although I was dreading the CESTL, I had a great time and learned so much. I was thinking that my research wasn’t “real,” since I did not include any test scores to prove what makes a great teacher. However, the keynote speaker, Dr. Arnold Dodge, seemed to share my views on what teaching is all about.
After listening to a few presentations, I realized that my research was valid, and I could have performed it. I felt that I did well with my poster presentation because I learned so much from my research and I am passionate about exploring the ways to become a great teacher. Actually, if I had done the power point presentation, it would have been easier, because I would have performed it only once. I lost count of how many times I did my poster presentation – it was more than six times.

I learned so much at the CESTL. Everyone had something to contribute and everyone presented very well and professionally. I also felt like the students were empowering one another.
The panel with the professors on teaching and learning perspectives was also very informative. One thing I learned from that is that I need to save all my field work observations and journals, as well as determine what my teaching philosophy is.

The quotes at the end of the evening were very inspiring. My favorite was by Dengting Boyanton, which was how life is like a mirror, smile and get smiles back; frown and get frowns back. Sorry I can’t recall the exact quote.

I was surprised how quickly the day passed. I found myself speaking with many of the students and even exchanged a few phone numbers to keep in touch. I took away one very valuable lesson from this conference – Believe in yourself.

Thank you Dr. Boyanton. for an AMAZING class! This was my first class and I hope all my classes are as interesting and inspiring. I spent 12 hours at the CESTL and it was great!
Grace Thornton 12/14/2008

The CESTL is a great experience for a teacher and a learner. Everyone knows it. My Korean friend who is studying in Philadelphia is very envious of me when I talked to her about this conference. I felt proud of myself and this school.:)

In particular, Dr. Arnold Dodge’s presentation reminded me of something that I forgot for a long time; “Keep the kids centered. Children are snowflake, not wizard.” When I reflect on teaching my students, I didn’t think I had enough patience with them. I thought that I lacked the patience, but I realized a real problem that I tend to think my students “little” adults. Frankly speaking, I say something so mean to students who need to be scolded as a reprimand. But, now I realized that it may be a very bad way to discipline children. This is because they are not adults. Adults know how to protect themselves from others and understand the exact meaning of what other person. While, children usually it literally so that they might be more easily hurt than adults. I always wanted my students to understand the exact meaning of what I said like adults, but they didn’t even though some students did. Why didn’t I realize this until now? Could be the reason why we teachers need to learn for all my life? If so, today’s conference is worth of learning for 10 years. It was very informative and stimulating me all the way.

I hope this conference will be held again in spite of financial restraints. I hope you’ll keep up with this conference even though there will be a financial restraints next year.

Thank you for all your teaching for this semester. In particular, your passion for teaching and learning is already contagious of me. J Thanks again for your effort to making us have a sense of achievement. Super Professor Dengting Boyaton!
Ok-Hyun, Jo 12/17/08

I thought that CESTL was a very interesting and educational experience. I had no idea what to expect when I was walking into the conference room, I was just hoping that the work I had done was as good as all the other students’. I was so surprised when I walked in, people were there already putting up their posters and everybody was talking with each other about them.

Once the conference started I found myself actually enjoying the guest speakers speeches, which I didn’t think would happen, but they were interesting and passionate. The power point presentations also impressed me. I honestly wasn’t expecting for everyone to have such good information and be so confident when they spoke. I gained knowledge from every presentation that I watched and no one seemed to be unprepared. Each student seemed so interested in the research they were doing and very so proud of what they had done.

I also thought the panel discussion was a very good idea it was very informative. I always think that it is such a good idea for those who have experienced things to pass that knowledge onto people who are just beginning that same journey. I know I appreciate any knowledge that seasoned teachers can pass on to me, as a future teacher I have many worries about what I am going to experience and how my students are going to act once I have my own class. I found the panel discussion to be a very valuable experience.

Once the panel discussion was over and we were free to walk around to see others posters I got a little nervous. I was worried that someone would ask me a question about mine that I didn’t have the answer to. However once it got started I was very relieved to see how supportive all of my peers were. Everyone who came to my poster said they liked it and found the information to be very good, and all the questions they had were ones that I was able to answer. In the end I felt very good about my poster and the discussions I had with other students about it. I also thought that the other students posters were very good, I liked being about to see their research in that form. It made it a little easier to take in the information.

Although I had been nervous at first about CESTL and not looking forward to giving up my Saturday to come to school, once I got there I felt differently. I found the whole event to be very interesting and informative. I also forgot it was even a Saturday and ended up not minding that I was at school. I thought everyone did such a good job with their research and thought I was a great experience.

Lauren Betz 12/15/08

Well the CESTL Conference went off without a hitch. I was so proud of myself as well as all the students who were involved. As expected, my peers really provided the support that not only instilled confidence in me but also made the event fun! It was a true community of respect as everyone was very professional and attentive as each student presented.

I especially loved Dr. Dodge's speech! It was very inspiring- a true rush of adrenaline ran through me as he looked each of us dead in the eye proclaiming that we were the new wave of teachers who are going to bring meaning back to teaching and education.

I also thought the Q and A session (symposium) with the panel of professors was so insightful and so real! It is great to hear professors at the PhD. level speaking about insecurities, providing guidance and advice, as well as speaking about issues they themselves are passionate about. I learned a lot today from each student who had the courage and desire to stand in front of everyone, sharing knowledge and information through their research. It was a valuable experience and quite a journey getting to this place.

I feel like my research afforded me the chance to become a better teacher. I have had the opportunity to reflect on my own practices and am loving the process of changing things within myself with the hopes of being that “special” teacher my students will never forget.
Patricia Selock 12/13/08

I thoroughly enjoyed the CESTL program yesterday, It was great to see fellow classmates present and there was definitely a special kind of bond felt in part because of the two separate classes. It wasn’t so much competition but a little extra support from the people you know going into it. Going in I kind of wished I had done a poster but in hindsight I am really glad I did a powerpoint presentation. It was an awesome experience and one that I hope continues in the future at LIU.

I would again like to thank Dr. Denting for such an amazing course this semester. It was a heavy workload as outlined in the syllabus but it was all worth it and I can honestly say I have never taken a class that enjoyed more or learned more from (and on so many different levels) than this one. I would like to remain in the loop so that I can visit future CESTL events, that with continued growth should be taking place at the Tilles Center.

I cannot stress enough how happy and satisfied I am about this class and this semester as a whole. I feel such a confirmation that I have made the right choice to become a teacher and I am excited about this lifelong journey I have embarked on to better myself as both a learner and a teacher. Thank you, Dr. Dengting!
Keven Cherry 12/14/08

The CESTL is over and I have to say that is was pretty fun! The presentations were all very informative and I found that I learned a lot through them.

One thing that I found to be great was the our first guest speaker Dr. Arnold Dodge. I completely agree with many of his points about NCLB and how schools view the arts. As a aspiring art teacher, I feel that the arts are something that many school take for granted and it is very refreshing to hear someone speaking of my views. This was a great start for the CESTL.

I think that everyone did a great job with their presentations. It is hard to go up in front of so many people and talk for 10 minuets. Everyone seemed to handle this just fine though. I did a poster presentation and found that I got some good feedback when I would explain my points to whoever came by. I am overall very proud of myself and the work that I did. I am also happy that I was able to stay for an extra 4 hours above the required 5. it was nice to hear so many different presentations and spend some extra time with my classmates.

For future CESTLs, one thing that I would change would be to give presenters a microphone that they can carry around with them. Naturally people didn’t want to just stay behind the podium and use that mic, but when they would start to walk around it was sometimes hard to hear. Overall though i thought the CESTL went really well!

James Avila 12/15/08

I can honesty say that I had a good time at the CESTL conference. At first I felt that it was going to be a waste of time and I really did not know what to expect. I really enjoyed presenting in front of so many people and I feel that this will help all of us get away from our fear of public speaking. I was also happy to hear from the guest speakers at the conference. They provided us with great advice in how to successfully get the most out of teaching.

Some things that I would improve about the conference would be the way the posters were presented. I don't feel it was fair to have them just stand by their poster and not speak. Maybe you can next time put people in groups so that everyone has a time to present to the class. I feel the people who did power point presentations deserve more recognition for the work they did. People who did the posters all felt that they lucked out and did not have to present.

I really enjoyed being at the conference I could not stay the whole time but I did stay for ten hours. I wanted to give support for those who stayed and didn't present yet. I also feel that the conference should collect money from each student to provide money for charity's for the holidays. It would be great for us and the school to give back to those communities that need help helping their students. Some programs that could use money for underpriviliged kids could be a non-profit organization called Breakthrough Long Island which is ran out of Friends academy. This program promotes young teachers to help those students that want to succeed in school and whose parents are less fortunate but dedicated to their family as well. The students in these programs are offered extra help so that they will not be behind in school. I feel that this could be a good thing for us as teachers to provide them some help.

I really felt proud of myself for the first time this semester being a part of the conference and having you as my first semester teacher in graduate school. Your passion as a teacher is definitely being noticed and respected by all of us. All semester we have be talking about great teachers and what defines a great teacher. You truly fit the description of a great teacher. Thank you for all you provided us with this semester and have a great holiday. Thanks for everything!!!
Angelo Ferrucci 12/14/08

Words can’t express the whole experience of yesterdays CESTL presentations. The amount of information I accumulated within a couple of hours would take an individual a life time to study. I felt extremely privileged to be apart of the first CESTL at C.W. Post. I learned so much, the students and speakers were amazing.

First off Dr. Dodge gave some insight on the meaning of teaching. He brought up some interesting points such as The Child Left behind Act; he stated the pro’s and con’s of this act. He also told some touching stories he remembered when he taught years ago. What I found touching was how much of a caring teacher he is and home much of an impact he made in his students lives. It not only motivated me to strive to be a dedicated teacher who believes and encourages her students but it made me realize that this was my true calling. To teach children is a true gift and an art that one can master once you get used to it. I love children and to have the opportunity to work with them and guide them through life is a true honor.

It was a pleasure to stay and enjoy the surprise you had for us at the end. The quotes were encouraging and to see my quote on the students quotes was a true honor thank you Professor for this great opportunity. :)

I look forward to furthering my education at C.W. Post I can only hope to have many other great Professors like Professor Dengting, who is not only passionate but dedicated to teaching students to be the best teachers they can be and love doing it as well. Thank you Professor Boyanton for always believing in your students and always being positive when critiquing our work. You truly are one in a million. Celena Ragkaswar December 14, 2008

Today marked a profound moment in my life. Today, I spoke about my findings at a well respect convention with an audience filled with educators. At first, I was nervous but as my presentation went on I became more comfortable in front of the audience. I really had a profound affect on my audience. As I exited Winnick Hall, I had students stopping me to tell me that my presentation was “great” or “wonderful”. I really feel accomplished.

In watching all of the presentations, I really began to understand the meaning of this conference. It was to educate the students further and to help them expand their knowledge of teaching. I feel when we graduate and move on to our respected teaching jobs we will be influence by what we have learned at this conference. The information presented today will indefinitely help all of us to become better teachers.

In closing, I hope that this conference continues on for many years to come. I really believe that it gives confidence to the students who worked so hard on their papers. It gives them the opportunity to show off their hard work and feel as accomplished as I do at this very moment.

I thank you Dr. Boyanton for making this conference possible for her students. Sometimes you need that extra boost to make you feel good about your work and yourself. This conference accomplished both.
Juliet Castellanos 12/13/08

I can’t believe I am sitting on my couch the day after the CESTL. I never thought this day would come. When I first arrived I was so nervous wondering how I was going to do. Since I arrived at 9:00 and was not presenting until 2:20 I had awhile to go. I was watched my peers present I could not stop thinking how proud we all should be. We have worked very hard on this all semester and now it is our time to shine.

Well, 2:20 came around and now it was my turn. I could feel my heart beating so fast but I said to myself this is it, I know my information and I will do great. While presenting I realized that the slides on the screen where my first draft but hopefully too many people didn’t realize. When I finished all I wanted to do was dance and jump around. I was so happy that I did it! I feel that everyone did a great job.

The only suggestions I have is that the poster pretentions could be more organized and the evaluations, instead of the envelopes have a box with a number on it so people can just put the paper in a box. A lot of people took the envelopes thinking they should so some were missing.
To be honest with you Dengting, I was not happy about this project in the beginning. I said to myself what are we going to learn from this. Well I can say that we learned a whole lot and I am very happy that I did not drop this class. This semester you have taught me how to work very hard for something I want and to have confidence in yourselves. All I can say is thank you. Thank you for challenging us (some days I didn’t like it) and always making your class interesting. You brought the class to life. Have a great holiday!!!!!!!
Kara Rubino 12/14/2008

I went into the CESTL thinking it would be a very long and boring day. I was wrong and actually enjoyed myself. I was very pleased with my work and felt proud when explaining my findings to people. I especially felt great when, after I presented my work to one of the professors, she told me I was going to make a great teacher and she said it seemed like I just had "it". I can't even explain what I felt when she said this, I was just so happy and proud.

I also learned a lot from my peers' presentations. Everyone was so professional and it seemed like not a single person was nervous. I am happy that I did a poster because I don't think I would've been able to make a good presentation, I would've been way too nervous and my presentation would've been affected by my nerves. I was so surprised at how fast the time went by. I was there for 6 hours and it only felt like I was there about one hour. It was a great feeling seeing and hearing the responses to my research. People really took the time to listen and learn from what I discovered. Everyone gave great comments and really appreciated my findings as much as I did.

All in all I am very pleased with my experience at the CESTL and really enjoyed attending and presenting. Although all my research and work took a lot of time and effort it was all worth it. Courtney Schmaeling 12/14/08

I found the CESTL to be very informative. Everyone who presented did an excellent job. They were all very knowledgeable and well informed regarding their topics. The CESTL provided a lot of insights towards my future endeavor as a teacher. I became more aware of what to expect and how to handle certain situations.

I only wish more students circulated during the poster presentation. I displayed my work but only presented to a select few. I wish I could have received more feedback. My poster was very thorough and I had a lot of information to provide. I went around the room myself at points engaging my fellow students about their research. A lot of students did excellent work.

The only tip I have is for all those who did slide presentations, next time avoid reading directly from the slides. Review your material thoroughly enough that the slide is only there for a reference. Other then that, everyone did an excellent job! I am very proud of my fellow classmates.
David Dimola 12/16/08

I didn't know what to expect at the CESTL conference, since I had never taken part in any educational conference before. I was expecting a lecture hall type setting, but I was glad to see the room was more informal, it made me much more comfortable and put me at ease, since I was pretty nervous.

I think the selection of speakers was excellent. I especially enjoyed hearing Dr. Dodge, his talk was informative and inspiring. I found his stories about his former students inspiring as well. He had a really comfortable way of addressing the audience, and you could tell that he was happy to be part of the conference. He is just the type of speaker that I aspire to be!

The panel discussion was so helpful, I learned so much from all the professors about what I am about to embark on. There were many helpful hints, and I'm sure there was so much more you all could tell us with more time! I look forward to perhaps taking a class with those teachers in the future.

The power point presentations were very impressive overall. You could tell that everyone worked really hard, and enjoyed their research as well. I learned so much information that I never knew, and I look forward to reading more about the topics that I was most interested in.

I also enjoyed telling my peers about my own research. I worked really hard on it, and I think that it showed most when other students told me about their own experiences, and how they could relate to mine. I personally liked doing the poster, rather than the power point, because I enjoy the interaction with my peers, and I like to hear other opinions, so I can learn from them.

This research was difficult for me, but I am so glad that I pushed myself to the end. What a satisfying way to end a semester, knowing you have accomplished something, and survived! All I want is to be the best teacher that I can be. Every year, my drama class puts on a play for their parents, and I give a small speech before the performance. I am sure to tell them every time that I learn as much from their children, as they do from me. I am so thankful to them, because I believe a great teacher is never afraid to learn something new.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Boyanton for this experience!

Lisa Rankin 12/14/08

The CESTL conference was such a great learning experience for me and really gave me a new insight to education. I enjoyed listening to all of the speakers, and they have all inspired me to do well in my future as an educator.

All of the speakers were fabulous however I want to talk about Dr. Arnold Dodge and his opinions about the "No child left behind" policy. There were many things about this policy that I was unaware of. His powerful speech really taught me new things for example: how the chancellor of New York is trying to pay students to do well on their standardized tests! Also how much time has been take away from recess just to practice test taking methods. I also don't like how teachers nowadays spend their days wasting quality time just for standardized test preparation. Anyway Dr. Dodges speech was very inspiring because left us with a very important message/mission: To change our future and change the old ways of education. There are many problems and after listening to him, it really got me to think; I have to make a change before it gets worse!

The presentations given by the students were lovely as well. The one that stood out to me the most was the one the girl did on being right brained or left brained (Annamarie). I think that is an interesting concept and although I had previous knowledge of the topic, I still had a good time reviewing it!

Over all this conference helped me become a better public speaker and really helped boost my self confidence. It also motivated me and inspired me to keep doing presentations like this. I would do it again in a heart beat, and I will encourage all other LIU students and other college students to go to these events because it can really help you in the long run. Dengting, as always you were right about this conference and I can not wait for next years CESTL conference. Please, let me know when it is, I hope we still keep in touch, and if you ever need a "special guest speaker"... you know you can count on me to be there! Thank you for everything!

Tara Agnesini 12/14/08

In order to be a successful teacher, an individual must love and embrace a lifetime of learning and developing. From the words of Dr. Dodge, the meaning of teaching comes from an educator’s desire to see the most in each child. As Michel Angelo chiseled away the marble to “uncover” the figure of his famous David, educators must work to discover the true potentials and abilities in each of their students.

The CESTL was an eye-opening experience and presented an abundance of useful and relevant information. Each aspiring educator selected a topic of interest and put forth significant hard work and determination to create the best possible presentations. During the conference, I was enlightened on many prominent educational issues. Within one Saturday, I was able to watch fellow classmates, as well as myself, become “experts.”

Within a period of three months, we delved into our fieldwork and became active investigators and participant observers. No longer was it okay to be an objective bystander, it was time to critically analyze the classroom environment, the students, and the school personnel. In many of the studies, the focus centered on how teachers can improve their classroom management skills, how to accommodate student learning styles, and many other challenging issues that face each educator on a daily basis. As Dr. McLoughlin mentioned, in her first year of teaching, the most daunting aspect was the overwhelming amount of knowledge, issues, and roles that she had to assume. In the teaching profession, educators must multi-task in so many areas that it can often seem tiring and stressful.

Hearing the fears and trepidations of my fellow classmates helped me acknowledge that I am not alone. Pursuing a career where you have so much impact on the next generation can be very scary. As a teacher, I need to understand that I will make mistakes and that it will not make or break me as a teacher. As Dr. Walker mentioned, a teacher can only work on so much at a time. Understanding each aspect of teaching and how to maneuver in your professional development takes a lifetime. Each individual brings their own background, personality, and talents into the classroom when they teach. This diversity is what brings color and light into the educational arena. It allows all students to identify with at least one special teacher who has made a difference in their lives. If every teacher were exactly the same, then some children would not be able to connect with a teacher mentor.

One of the most significant factors that I took away from this conference is that teaching is a life choice. Within the keynote speech, Dr. Dodge spoke of the relevance of teaching. He stated that there would be “no society” without the help of teachers. No doctors, no lawyers, no engineers, and no politicians to run our countries. Every person within this country and elsewhere has been exposed to some form of education. Each person had someone who impacted their lives significantly and taught them about how to function and be productive in their communities and societies.

Education is not limited by the amount of resources, money, or testing standards placed on it. Education rests in the hearts of the parents and teacher of each student. If there is a desire to find the most in each child, to develop each child to their fullest, and a determination to have each child succeed, then education is possible no matter what the constraints. Through this conference, I learned a lot about myself as an educator and also where I would like to see myself at the end of my career. I would like to evolve over the years and continue to expand my knowledge, skills, methods, and pedagogy. Teaching is not a job, it is a career and a way of life. I choose to have a positive impact on my world and I choose teaching as my path!
Christina Wilson 12/13/08

This was the first conference I have ever attended and it was definitely a memorable one. It was a great experience. Everyone did such a great job with their presentations! Some people had similar topics, but each presentation was unique in its own way.

I was surprised with how much I learned in one day. Just some of what I learned from the conference was: how one’s culture has an affect on their educational experience, how parent’s being too strict on their children can be a negative factor in their education, that one of the better characteristics that a teacher should portray is to be caring and be passionate about teaching, the harmful affects that some children’s television shows has on children – causing them to view violence as a form of heroism, and a person is either left-brained or right-brained depending on their interests such as math vs. music.

Another aspect of the conference that I greatly enjoyed was the morning panel (symposium) for questions and answers. It was interesting to hear from a variety of different education professors. The questions that were asked to the panel were very interesting and the answers from the panel were very informative. Each professor gave thoughtful responses to all the questions. Just one piece of advice, out of the many, that I received from the panel that I will always remember is that you should enter each school as if it were a job interview (Joan Walker). I thought that was great advice and I will keep that in mind every time I enter a school. All in all, I really enjoyed my first conference ever!
Laura Fichera 12/16/08

I have to say the CESTL experience was really terrific. I enjoyed everyone's presentation and was impressed by the depth of their research and the various subject matters.

I mostly enjoyed the presentations of the students whose presentations were done in their second language, English. They were so brave to tackle a verbal presentation, their insights were individualistic and their work at least as thorough as that of their classmates. Overall, the concept of the CESTL is outstanding.

I do venture, however, that it might have been even more beneficial, more scholarly, more indicative of each students abilities had it not been overlaid with a considerable amount of concurrent class work. That said, it was a tremendous learning experience to take part in, I am only sorry I was unable to attend the entire session. Perhaps splitting it into two days, maybe one for each class with the option of attending both days would be more manageable for those of us with families, jobs and other classes to attend to.

Once again, Dr. Boyanton's explicit passion for teaching and learning was realized in a major undertaking of this conference. It was a pleasure and an honor to be involved.
Linda Gottlieb 12/14/08

The CESTL conference was a great learning experience. In preparing my power point I was a little intimidated in having to speak in front of 2 classes of students, guest speakers, and family and friends. While I was confident and proud of my work, public speaking is still something that always gives me anxiety. Now, having completed the conference I feel relieved. Everyone presented such thoughtful topics and I was really impressed with the research and effort that was put into each assignment. I am pleased with the way my own presentation went and I hope that in taking more graduate classes, I will be able to further my research of the role of parents in their child’s education. Lauren Malter 12/14/08

CESTL conference is over, but it is not over for me yet. Before I attend the conference, I had thought it was a small conference, when I entered the room, however, I found I was totally wrong. There were professors and many classmates even some classmates invited her boyfriends or family members to attend. Seeing this, I was a little bit nervous and panic. I am a young Chinese girl, this was my first semester in graduate school, worst of all, I have never been talking to so many foreigners in public. I told myself again and again, don’t be nervous, you are good, they won’t laugh at your pronunciation. Your classmates and professor are very nice, trust yourself, be yourself. However, I still felt nervous.

When we had a break time, I turned one of my classmates for help and I asked her to help me correct my pronunciation. After this, when I stood in the front and present my presentation, I felt confidence and said to myself, come on, girl, try you best to do it, those who care about you will be proud of you if you try your best, after all, you are in university, so I believe you can give you classmates a surprise and let them know a girl from Asia also can do a good job.

After the conference, one of my classmates said that everyone said that your English has improved a lot. Hearing this, I felt very happy, for me, this is the best gift and encouragement. I know there is long way to go, however, I am not afraid of challenge and I do believe as time goes by, I will feel more and more comfortable and adjust the culture and society. At last, I want to thank my classmates and friends because you are always here to support me. Also, I want to thank Dr, Dengting, because she gives me this chance and let me know I can do it well.

Rong Zhang 11/16/08

Saturdays CESTL presentation was so nerve-wrecking. I had never had to give a seminar before so I did not know what to expect. However, once I started talking I began to fall into a comfort zone. It taught me that I can speak in front of a class and I should not be scared. I have the will to teach so that will carry any insecurity that I may have about public speaking. I thank Dr. Boyanton for the opportunity to do this presentation and I hope that she can continue to do this part of the course in the future.
Andrew Romanoff 12/15/08


Overall, I felt that the CESTL conference was very successful. I was impressed at how hard my classmates had worked on their posters and on there power point presentations. I learned a substantial amount of information from all of the presentations and research that my classmates presented. I know that from talking to many of my peers beforehand that some were very nervous and I could not tell at all during the conference that they felt this way. Everyone seemed to be very confident and did a wonderful job!

Jacqueline Silverman 12/14/08

I enjoyed my time at the CESTL. Honestly, I originally thought it was going to be boring and uninspiring. But, this assumption was the complete opposite of my experience.

The CESTL conference was very informative. Dr. Dodge’s speech was motivating and inspires me to make a difference as a teacher. I was impressed with my fellow students speeches and posters. Two speakers that stood out in my mind were Angelo Ferrucci and Kevin Cherry. I thought both were very professional and brought up good ideas about learning styles and discipline.

Also, I was impressed with myself. I gave several presentations about my poster to multiple groups of people. My demeanor and thoughts were expressed clearly to the listeners. They all gave me positive feedback. This conference gave me great ideas for teaching such as; have a student who excels in on subject help another student who struggles in the same subject and purposely misspell words and have the students correct me. I was impressed and had a great time at the CESTL conference.
Christopher Conterelli 12/14/08

After much anticipation, the CESTL has come and gone. It was very interesting to hear my classmates present their topics. I learned a lot of different things at the CESTL and really enjoyed it. I spent quite a few hours there, but the time really flew by. Overall, I thought it was a great experience and as I heard the feedback from my classmates who attended, I know they enjoyed it as well. Christine Goldstein 12/14/08


Oh CESTL! I thought the conference really showed the extreme dedication and determination of my fellow peers. Everyone did a really excellent job and I enjoyed listening to the various topics presented. I especially like Juliet’s presentation on media and its impact on children. I thought it was a little longer than the others but it was very very interesting. I did not get to edit my poster to visually be as appealing as it could have, but I thought the context of it was important. Everyone did a truly wonderful job and my favorite part of the conference was just being able to hang out with different individuals from my class. As I have said before, I really enjoyed their company and I thought they made the class fun!

I thought the conference ran a little long and perhaps the presentations could’ve been done in class as to save time before the hectic holiday season. Otherwise, I am inspired by Dengting's passion and her zest for learning and teaching. I want to know where she gets all of her energy from!

Trisha Zuvich 12/15/08

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