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4th CESTL Evaluations by EDI 15A students

4th CESTL Evaluations by EDI 15A Psychological Perspective

I felt that CESTL conference was a great experience. A conference mainly organized by students was a great idea of Dr. Dengting. I found it very informative and interesting. Dengting had extremely well spoken welcoming comments and an effectiveness in describing CESTL. I was very glad that I was there to hear the keynote speaker. I felt that what he had to say was very important.

My favorite part of the conference was the panel discussion with professors. Every question that the audience had, I had in my own head. Each professor answered each question extremely thorough. I feel that I now know a little more about what to expect when I become a teacher. This part was very informative.

When it came time for me to stand by my poster I was ready. Each person that came to view my poster was impressed and interested to hear about my findings. This made me feel that all of my hard work preparing for the conference paid off. I truly think that this conference was a success and every student that presented did a great job. I look forward to attending the conference next semester even if I am not a student presenter.
Caitlin Bishop 12/16/08

The CESTL turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever been a part of. It was amazing to see people that were in my position look so professional and knowledgeable. Some of the presentations blew me away with the facts that they found. I never would have thought that people our age would be able to accomplish the things that we have. It has made me want to push myself in everything that I do in order to get such rewarding outcomes. I don’t think that I have ever been more proud to say that I was a part of something in my life. I would like to thank my classmates for pushing each other to do this because honestly we couldn’t have done thins process alone. CESTL is a very enriching experience and I just wish more education majors were involved because it is something that I think everyone in our field should be exposed to. Thank you so much for this experience, Dr. Boyanton!
Nicole Vasheo 12/14/08

I found the CESTL conference to be very informative. At first I didn't know what to expect, I was even dreading the long day and was a bit nervous about my poster presentation. However once i got there i realized that there wasn't much to be nervous about, everyone was very nice and helpful. Everyone seemed interested in our research even our other classmates.

Professor Dodge made a very good speech in the beginning which stays in my mind. He talked a lot about NCLB act and about the impact teachers have on their students. I found it to be very inspirational and a good way to start off the conference. Many of the powerpoint presentations were also interesting because a lot of the students talked about their fieldwork observations. Everyone's research was well thought out and informative.

The panel discussion was also interesting because everyone was open to answer any questions. The panel was full of experienced teachers ready to answer any question. I think that overall it was a very successful day, and I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of it.
Jenna Caputo December 16, 2008

The CESTL Conference was definitely an interesting experience. It was a nice way to say goodbye to all of our classmates before the holiday break, and it was also a great way to support the research our classmates had done.

One of the biggest problems with the CESTL however, was that there weren’t enough evaluation forms. Carolyn, Sunya, and Nicole, for example, all made really great poster presentations that I would have loved to fill out forms in support of, but, because the forms were all used up on the first group of power point presentations, I couldn’t evaluate them.

In addition, I felt that not enough attention was paid to the posters by the people who attended the conference. Although everyone was very focused on the power point presentations, when the breaks came and the focus was supposed to shift to the posters, more people were focused on eating, getting coffee, or leaving, than they were on the posters. It didn’t seem like a fair trade, because not everyone could make a power point, and I know for a fact that everyone worked really, really hard on their posters. I felt that they deserved much more attention than they received, and that they should have been noticed more for their content than for the fact that they kept falling down.

In regard to the power point presentations however, I felt that Margaret and Jaclyn did a really great job of representing the Undergrads. Jaclyn’s presentation in particular was really wonderful, and it interested me, not only because it was very well done, but because it looked at a similar topic to mine in a very different light.

Overall, the best part about the conference was that I got to spend the day supporting the friends I made in our class. It was nice to see hardworking, and intelligent people express their passions and excel.
Jessica Murphy, December 14, 2008

The conference was very long but yet I learned a lot from it. Looking back at the conference I believe it was nothing to be worried about, I knew that the information on my poster board was great and everyone asked great questions that I was prepared for. Everyone who asked me questions about my work, said I did a great job with my research and that the facts I got out of my research was remarkable.

I believe that CESTL would be better if it wasn't such a long day but I understand a lot of people were there and a lot of students had to present. It was well organized and overall I had a great time.

The only advice I would be able to give is to the students next year. You have a whole semester to work on this presentation... Don’t put it off to last minuet because it will come back and bite you in the rear. Thank you again professor Boyanton for helping me get through this year, and I hope to have you for another class because your class was my favorite class for the years I have been here at C.W. Post... Everyone was comfortable and the class was very welcoming, I just wish more classes at post were like this one... Thank you again, Dr. Boyanton!
Mark Mark Donelan 11/16/08

AT first I was extremely nervous when I first heard about the CESTL conference. I had never been to a conference before, let alone have to present my own research in front of them. However as the class progressed, I learned a lot about myself and instilled trust in my classmates. My fears of public speaking slowly begin to fade and by the time the conference came most of my nerves were gone.

The night before I slept at Jeanna’s house and when that morning rolled around we both felt like we were going to puke. We both kept telling ourselves that we were in it together. I guess that was my motivation. Her, my classmates, and Denting motivated me to succeed. We had spent a whole semester preparing our research for this conference. I knew by the end we were well prepared and my whole group new what they were talking about. I was extremely proud and satisfied by my group’s performance at the conference. Many people came to talk to us about our board and we received many complements. Most people were impressed with our research and knew all the hard work we had put in.

The conference overall was a great success. It was really interesting to see the diverse topics and everyone present their research. I really liked the teacher panel and being able to ask them whatever we wanted. They were once first year teachers like we soon will be and they passed on several knowledgeable facts.

This course overall was definitely a rocky road. There were many times were I was stressed and overwhelmed out of my mind. I really wanted to give up numerous times. However in the end, I gained a whole new insight. I made new friends and learned several things for Denting that I will hope to use in the future. Through out this whole experience I learned a lot about myself as well. I realized the true potential I had. I am so impressed with our research paper and I will probably never forget what this class has taught me.
Michelle Kiernan 12/14/08

The CESTL was AMAZING! What I found most interesting was that the undergraduate students and the graduate students acted like one group. They didn’t compare us because they were older. We all appreciated each other’s works and didn’t criticize. We acted like we are one big group.

I loved how our group’s poster came out! Everyone who came up to our group thought we did an excellent job and told us it was very interesting and fun. All the great compliments gave me more motivation to talk more about what I know to the next person who came up to our poster and not to be shy. At the CESTL I felt like I knew what everyone was talking about and knew most of the answers to the questions that were asked to you and the other teachers on the education board. I would have never known any of those answers if I never took this class.

I would definitely recommend this course to my other classmates at C.W Post. It’s an excellent and fun class and I think everyone should experience the CESTL. I will also recommend any other class that you will be teaching. I loved this class and hope to be in another class that you will be teaching!
Devyn Giannone 12/13/08

The CESTL conference went so well. I had such a great time! It also felt so good to finally display my poster. I also learned a lot from the presentations especially the panel discussion with the five professors. My classmates and I took pictures with our posters during the break and walked around to see everyone else’s. I was surprised to see that almost everyone did different topics. I was extremely impressed by how some of the shyest kids in our class were able to give amazing presentations. I think we all have came a long way and I am definitely happy I took this course with my professor. Not only did I learn, but I had so much fun, and I learned a lot about myself and what kind of teacher I want to become.
Sunya Bhutta 11/16/08

When I first arrived at the CESTL conference I was ridiculously nervous and overwhelmed at the same time. I really did feel like I was going to faint. I didn't have to present until late in the afternoon and the anxiety just kept building up right until I had to go at 3. I was so thankful that my mom had come to see me. It meant a lot to me to have her there.

One thing I learned during this conference besides content, was that there are a lot of wonderful aspiring educators. Everyone was well informed and spent a lot of time on researching their topic. What I found very interesting was one of the boards that was hanging up. It had to do with gender bias. The young lady (Amy I believe) who did this topic had a lot of research and hands on data. I enjoyed the fact that she actually used pieces of artwork from different children and had you guess whether it was a boy or a girl.

I feel that I was very prepared for this conference, but I felt it slipping when I became nervous. I guess my nerves weren't as well prepared as my brain was. I honestly was a little disappointed with my overall performance. I felt like I was able to mask the fact that I was nervous, but it showed by the fact that I sped things up. I felt that although I did not talk too quickly, I rushed the presentation. I didn't say a lot of the things that I wanted to say and didn't go into much of the information that I had.

However, the experience was exhilarating. I was proud of myself for even being able to muster out a word. I felt that the CESTL was very well thought out. I especially enjoyed the panel discussion with the members of the education department. It was very insightful and interesting to see that many of the same ideas are shared by the best of teachers.

To improve the CESTL I think that if anything it should be a little shorter. Many people left toward the end. Me along with some of my peers felt a little discouraged and tired toward the end of the day. Perhaps if the CESTL is broken up into two days it would be better.

This course experience as a whole has been amazing. I have never been so hands-on or felt so intensely about a class before. I felt that I needed to succeed because I wanted to please the instructor and prove to her and myself that I was capable of doing well. I learned a lot about my own personal skills that I will one day incorporate into my classroom. I also learned a lot about who I am as a person and what it takes to be a loved and respected educator.
Margaret Persaud 12/15/08

Before arriving at the CESTL, I was very nervous even though my group had a poster. After arriving there, my nerves calmed down and I enjoyed the speech that Dr. Dodge gave. I had never seen any of the professors before that were there and was excited to hear them talk during the symposium. I think that I learned a lot from this conference and that it was very successful.

Being a part of the only undergraduate class there made me feel very aware of the others around me. I noticed that the graduate students seemed nervous as well and that although there are a few years between us, we were all in the same boat. I felt very confident about my group’s poster, we really knew our material and we worked extremely hard for an entire week doing the poster itself. I think that our poster came out very well and the colors grabbed people’s attention. I am proud of myself my group and my peers for doing well at the CESTL and for surviving this semester.

Dengting, thank you for all of your support and always having faith in our class, the work load was NOT easy at all but it seemed that we all pushed through it.
Jeanna Careccia 12/15/08

Before the CESTL I was pretty nervous because I was not really sure what to expect. But it went really well and I learned a lot. I thought that it was a really great day that was put together. It was so interesting to hear about everyone's research and what everyone learned through their observations. It was also interesting to know what topics everyone picked and to know what was interesting to all different people.

I was disappointed that there was not enough time to present our poster to Professor Boyanton, but I understand that there was a lot going on that day. I think we did well presenting to other people throughout the day. I thought today was really fun. Although it was a long day, it was nice to spend time with and get to know some of the people in our class who we did not really get to know that well throughout the semester. Overall I really enjoyed this class. I learned so much about education and myself both as a learner and as a future teacher.

Thanks for all of the work that you put into our class, I really enjoyed it and I learned so much. :) Lauren Volini 12/14/08

Reflection: The CESTL process was very informative and education. I was very impressed to see everyone dressed so professional and to have such smart and interesting performances. I was very happy to give my presentation, it was my first experience doing so. I found myself to be nervous and I was not sure why… I am not the type to be nervous in a large crowd. I believe my presentation was more informational to theory, then my own personal observation in a classroom setting.

I was actually disappointed many of the presentations did not have more theories from philosophers and educators they use as an inspiration in the classroom. When it was my turn to go, many people had already left. I do believe that disappointed me subconsciously to believe my presentation was not as important as earlier ones; but I am well aware people left because the conference was lengthy and people had other obligations. I thought all the presentations were impressive and educational. I thought everyone to be very engaging and active with the audience. I enjoyed hearing what others had learned from their observations. From this experience I learned to use power point more effectively then in other presentations I have given using the program.

Suggestions: 1) I believe the presentation to be way too lengthy. 9am to 8pm is too long and basically impossible. I am a very active listener, but by 5 o’clock I found myself exhausted just from watching all the presentations; and then I was mad with myself I because I did not feel up to par when it was finally time to give my own presentation. My advice would be to have two separate CESTL conferences in that day. One for the undergraduate class, and one for the graduate class. This way, people have the option if they want to attend both and each will still get a good turnout because it is two separate events. I believe there is enough information displayed that both classes still appear well represented. I also believe more people will stay for everyone’s presentations if the start and end time is more reasonable, say 3 or 4 hours for example. 2) I believe the school should provide the event with the same kinds of food they provide for open houses… this event is just as important because it is a representation of our School of Education; which is what this university is well-known for. 3) I did not see any flyers around campus promoting this event we were required to attend. I am not sure if that was because people were interested and took them off bulletin boards, or if it was not displayed around campus. I do believe more representation of the event should be displayed because it is one of the most important events of the institution. Flyer form is the easiest way if program books can not be displayed.
Annamarie Morgera 12/13/08

When I walked in to the basement of Winnick, I did not really know what to except. I was nervous, overwhelmed and excited for this conference. It was difficult enough waking up on a Saturday morning but I also did not get much sleep at all the night before. But everyone there was in the same boat as me so it was okay. One thing that I liked about this conference was that it was so informal and yet professional at the same time. Everyone was dressed up so nicely and was very quiet and respectful during everyone's presentations. I thought that Dr. Dodge, the keynote speaker, had a lot of great and important things to say. He made some excellent points about test taking that I happen to agree with and he said some things about "No Child Left Behind" that I never would have thought about. The presenters that I was able to listen to were all very organized and well-prepared. Their topics were all interesting and important.

This course overall was very challenging and a lot of work, but I did enjoy it. It was bittersweet - and I'd have to say I am glad it is over. I am very proud of myself for making it to the end; especially when I know so many people dropped out at the beginning. Advice for future students taking this course? The one important thing I would say is to STAY ON TOP OF YOUR WORK. Do your work in advance and do not get behind or it is very difficult to get back on track. Do your journals immediately after class and relfect on what you learned right away. Start your research EARLY. Pick a topic that you are truly interested in because you're going to have to think about that topic the entire semester.

Thanks for a great semester - have a nice holiday!
Joanna Aiello 11/15/08

Yesterday we had the CESTL Conference. I thought that the conference was exactly how I pictured it. When I first got there at 9 I was still a little nervous because I thought that I might have forgetten everything that I had been working so hard on all semester. I really enjoyed seeing not only our classes presentations and posters but the graduate students as well. I thought that seeing there work really would motivate me to thrive in my undergraduate studies so that I can eventually get to that graduate program as they were.

All of the professors and guest speakers that we listened to really had valuable information and I am glad that we had that opportunity with them. Any little bit of advice that I can get now will definitely help me in the future when I become a teacher. Although I'm sad that this class has come to an end I am proud of everyone in the class because the conference went so well! Thank you for pushing me this semester in order to do the best that I knew was possible.
Kelly Calder 11/14/08

I thought the CESTL conference went very well. All the presentation were very well and the people who give the presentation did a great good.
When I arrive I was nervous because I did not know what to expect. After it got started and listening to everyone, I started to fell more comfortable there. I loved how it was a very open and welcoming environment. Everyone there was very friendly too.
The posters when I walked around were all very interesting. Each one had a great amount of information on it. So were the power points. All the topics there where very helpful to me. I have to keep all of them in mind when become a teacher.
I thought this conference was very helpful and a good idea because we also learned what other people thought of your topic and of others.
Christina Cronan 11/14/08

I was really prepared for the conference. I practiced and went over everything I had to do with my friends and by myself so I knew when I had to present my poster that I would be ready and know exactly what I wanted to say. When I was presenting it to my peers it came out good because I knew what I was going to say. I had note cards just to use as a guideline to keep in order and on track. I learned a lot just from my presentation, and I know that others learned a lot because they were asking questions and stayed with me to discuss it for more than the time that they stayed at others. I know that I learned a lot from others, and if I already knew what was being discussed it definitely reinforced what I knew because all the presentations were very informative.

I like how it was set up because I got to sit there and learn a lot through presentations but on the break I went around and asked others about there posters and then drew them into mine to show them all the work that I have done.

The only problem that I had was that I didn’t get to present my poster to my professor because of how busy the day was, but I would have liked to show her how much work I put into it and all the good information that I had. The best things that I learned this year was how there are many different types of learners and many different types of behaviors and a lot of how a kid does in school reflects on the teacher tremendously. Overall it was a very good course, I had fun but most of all I learned a lot of valuable information.
Philip Novins

WOW!! I did it!! I was so nervous. I have a lot of trouble talking in front of people. I feel i did really well. I got my point across and stuck to my topic and my research backed my topic up. I took an immense amount of information from the other presenters that I will use when I become a teacher. It was a wonderful learning experience. I like to learn from my peers rather than always just from the teacher. My parents came to watch and to support me. I thought that it might make me more nervous with them there. But, it did the opposite it made me feel proud of what I have accomplished and the work that I have put in over the semester. I want to thank Dengting for one of the most enjoyable classes that I've ever had. Thank you for a great semester.
Jaclyn Joyce 12/14/08

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