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3rs CESTL Program

3rd Conference of Elementary-Secondary Teaching & Learning (CESTL)

Proudly Presented by
Curriculum & Instruction
School of Education
University of Texas at Brownsville

June 27 2008, Friday
EDBC 2.114
Open to Public

Welcome to the CESTL! This is a conference on classroom teaching and learning at both the elementary and secondary school level. CESTL is organized by instructor Dr. Dengting Boyanton and all of her students currently taking her courses EDCI 4322 Human Development & Instruction and EDCI 4322 Human Development & Instruction in the School of Education at the University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB).

The 3rd CESTL will show research conducted by all of our student researchers during the summer session, who spent this whole semester investigating one research topic of their interest under Dr. Boyanton’s guidance and supervision. Specific research method used was self-study, through which our students explored their own growing up experiences and stories as a learner.

This conference will cover a wide range of topics related to classroom teaching and learning including learning and motivation, learning environment, learning process, learning conditions, peer relationship and learning, parenting and learning, teacher characteristics and learning, learning disability, race and learning, culture and learning, and many more…

CESTL is open to public and welcomes all who have interest in our students’ research! Please mark your calendar and join us in this exciting and inspiring event. We would deeply appreciate if you could help us spread the news among your students, colleagues, friends, or whoever will be interested.

We look forward to seeing you in the 3rd CESTL!

TO learn more about our past CESTL: Click 2nd CESTL
Questions/comments?, 956-882-5841

CESTL Program

0 Opening Dr. Dengting Boyanton Welcome & introduction

1 Learning environment Jerome Jones
Exploring the world—How did the social environment affect my learning?

2 Learning environment Luis Carmona
Does the environment surrounding us affect our learning habits? If so, how?

3 Learning environment Ruben Rincon
How does classroom environment affect student learning and the achievement?

4 Learning conditions Vero Jene Frady
What are the conditions (cognitive, physical, emotional, psychological) which create the best learning in students?

5 Learning styles Nancy Gutierrez
Characteristics of me as a learner

6 Special Education Annabel Esparza
Struggle to learn—How did my disabilities and lack of parent involvement affect my learning?

7 Learning & Personality Yvonne Perez
Growing up shy—How did being shy affect my learning?

8 Learning & Personality Vanessa Rodriguez
Who I am and who I want to be: Exploring the role of personality in learning

9 Age & learning Yolanda Bodden
Do you learn differently as you age? Exploring the role of age in learning

10 Age & Learning Vanessa Lopez
Did I get wiser as I get older?—How does my age affect my learning?

(5ms) Band Music: We need no education

11 SES & learning Felipe Montalvo “Sorry, I forgot my place!” —How did my socioeconomic status affect my learning?

12 SES & learning Erika De la Garza
How did my social economic status affect my learning?

13 SES & learning Dengting Boyanton
From Chinese village to American college—How did poverty affect my learning?

14 Race & learning Ramirez, Brenda
A girl from a third world country—How did my race affect my learning?

15 Culture & Learning & Motivation Irene Olmos
My skin, my motivation, and my learning—Exploring the relationship among race, motivation, and learning

16 Race & learning Lisa Avalos
Why Gap? Understanding the achievement gap between white students (non-Hispanic) and non-white students Hispanic students?

17 Peers & Learning Crespin Gonzalez
Peer influences: How did my peers affect my learning skills as an adolescent?

18 Teacher & learning Frank Barrera
Teachers who impacted my life—Exploring the impact of teachers and learning

19 Language & learning Patricia Amador
Speaking Spanish?—How did language affect my learning and my career

20 Behavior management Heathcliff Lopez
Punished to behave—Exploring the impact of punishment in students’ motivation and learning

(5ms) Dr. Dengting Boyanton Dance: Chinese Ribbon Dance

21 Parenting & learning Michelle Shogreen
“That’s it, I quit!”—The importance of parents’ support in a child’s education

22 Parenting & learning Cristina Garcia
Broken home—-How did my parents’ separation/divorce affect my learning?

23 Parenting & learning Diamantina Chavez
How did my parents affect me in becoming a parent?

24 Parenting & learning Monique Solis
The influence of my parents on me as a person and my education

25 Parenting & learning Margarita Trevino
My childhood does not have to be my child’s childhood
–Influence of my parents on my own parenting style

26 Parenting & learning Martha True
How did my parents affect my learning?

27 Parenting & learning Nidia Lopez
Where did my strength come from? Importance of parents’ support in learning

28 Parenting & learning Kesia Martinez
Pressure to learn? Desire to learn? —How did my parents affect my learning

29 Parenting & learning Tania Teran
How did my parents change me as a person?

30 Parenting & learning Abel Gomez
How did my parents affect my learning?

(15 ms) Pizza The band Music

31 Parenting & learning Noelia Jimenez
How did my parents affect my learning and my life?

32 Parenting & learning Rosalinda Gonzalez
How did my parents affect me as a person?

33 Parenting & learning Sandra Rosales
How did my parents affect my learning?

34 Parenting & learning Jorge Mujica
How big of an impact did my parents have on my education?

35 Parenting & learning Anais Gonzalez
How did my parents influence me as a person?

36 Parenting & learning Stephanie Huerta
From a student, to a parent, to a teacher—
How did parenting affect my learning and my career?

37 Parenting & learning Eleazar Cestro
How did my parents affect my learning?

38 Learning motivation
Leyla Martinez Motivation—How did motivation affect my learning?

39 Learning motivation Belinda
Gomez Motivation through encouragement
-When motivated me the most and the least in my life?

40 Learning motivation Dennis Salinas
Effect of poverty on learning motivation and education

41 Learning motivation Karina Vela
Motivation—How did motivation affect my learning?

Closing Dr. Dengting Boyanton Special Presentation: Quotes from us!
Each presenter will have a maximum of 10 ms (8ms presentation + 2 ms discussion)!

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