Friday, March 19, 2010

6th CESTL Evaluations by Faculty Members

Dear Dengting,

First, please let me apologize for taking so long to respond to your kind note. Things move so quickly this time of year!

I want to tell you how delighted I was to be asked to speak at the CESTL event. You provide such an amazing venue for students to interact with each other, and with accomplished professionals, in a positive and informative way. Your invitation to speak allowed me to reflect a great deal on my own experiences, and the various elements that have become important to me as a framework for trying to understand the teaching profession better.

Dengting, your energy, enthusiasm and intelligence are great assets to our campus – it is clear our students appreciate the many ways you challenge them to grow, and the excellent feedback and encouragement you provide with such skill and sensitivity. Good luck with future CESTL conferences – I hope to be able to drop in on future events.

Have a great summer.

Warm regards,


Paul Forestell, Ph.D.
C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University
Dear Dengting:

Once again, thank you for inviting me to make some remarks at today's CESTL conference. On behalf of the TLI and Office of Academic Affairs,I very much appreciate the opportunity to support you in such a worthy endeavor, and seeing the work of your students is truly inspiring. They are very fortunate to have an instructor with such dedication and commitment to their learning and success as teachers! Beyond that, it is very obvious to me, and I'm sure to everyone who participated, that you care deeply about these students not only as learners and professionals-in-training, but as human beings that have so much potential to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for the travel mug (which I love!) as it will be a great reminder to me of the wonderful work that you do with our students at Long Island University.

All the best,

Liz Ciabocchi

Associate Vice President for Instructional
Technology and Faculty Development, Office of Academic Affairs


That was wonderful, Dengting!!!
So sorry that I couldn’t spend the day.

Bette Schneiderman
Professor of Educational Technology
College of Education


It was my pleasure to participate at the CESTL conference.
You did such wonderful work organizing the conference.
Your students' work were impressive!

On behalf of Joshua, thank you for the invitation.

Efleda Tolentino
Assistant Professor
Early Childhood Education
Curriculum & Instruction


CESTL is a very enjoyable event, and I appreciate all of your hard work in putting it together, even with assistance from student helpers.

Andrea Mcloughlin
Associate Professor of Education
Curriculum & Instruction Department
College of Education
Hello Dengting,

I will be delighted to participate in the 7th CESTL conference.



Dr. Roberta Levitt
Assistant Professor
Department of Special Education & Literacy
School of Education
C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University
720 Northern Blvd. Brookville, New York 11548-1300
Phone: 516-299-3128

Dear Dr. Boyanton,

Excellent work on the CESTL, once again!

Sadly, this is my last year as a committee member for CESTL; I will miss working with you and the students. But I've enjoyed being a part of the event for the past few semesters, and thank you for the opportunity. This year, among my favorite segments were hearing about the Provost's unique experiences, all the panel discussions, and Dr. Tolentino's presentation about early childhood education.

You have been a source of inspiration for me since my first semester at CW Post, as I've experienced your wonderful teaching skills firsthand. For me, the best way to learn is by watching and listening to others; a great role model is so valuable to know...and you have provided that opportunity for me to learn some great teaching skills from day one.

Your commitment, passion, professionalism, and hard work in the field of education are things that I will remember, along with the name-game on our first day of class and the various other ways you motivated us...such as, responding to our work, displaying and sharing our work in class, building student/teacher trust with a humanistic approach to teaching, and reflective journals, to name a few.

The CESTL provides an important avenue for students to share their voice with the teaching community - it is an empowering activity that most of us really need as we enter the important career of teaching. I hope the event continues for many years to come, and keeps evolving as it has the past few semesters. I look forward to staying in touch with you and to visit your future CESTLs in the future.
Also - fantastic mug! Great gifts! Thank you for those, as well.

All the very best,

Evi Gounelas
CESTL Program Coordinator

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