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6th CESTL Evaluations by EDI 17

Hello Professor Boyanton,

its Meghan McKillop from EDI 17. Congratulations on a wonderful CESTL conference! I had a really great experience and enjoyed attending and participating. You must feel so relieved that it was such a success and all of your hard work in planning and organizing paid off!

I truly enjoyed the conference and I gained valuable knowledge about adolescent and the education system. Although I enjoyed myself, I do not feel comfortable with my video and photos being uploaded to the internet. Thank you very much for creating this experience for me.
(Tarissa Pickens)

One more thing about the CESTL conference. I have to admire Dr. Boyanton's hard work to put the CESTL conference together. She deserves a lot of credit because she is hard worker and all of her had work will pay off when the CESTL runs smooth and the way she planned it. Good job, Dr. Boyanton!
(Jerry Franchino)

Before I presented at the conference, I was feeling very nervous. However, after practicing in front of the class I felt much better. My nervousness turned to excitement. I was looking forward to presenting my findings in front of other people at the conference. Listening to the International panel was very beneficial for me. I think as a prospective educator, it is important to know about the culture of the students and to have a better understanding of what high school was like for the Asian students I feel will really help me in my future. I was very prepared for the conference. I had gone over my slides several times and I was very confident with the material. I felt good about presenting the material to the audience and I was definitely prepared for any questions that might have been asked of me. This conference really made me feel like I can do it.

As a student, it is scary to think that in a few short years we will be teachers. It is a strange concept. Going from high school straight to college, the lifestyle doesn’t change; we are students. It is a scary thought to think of ourselves as teachers. The conference really gave us the experience of being a teacher. I think the CESTL conference is a great way for all of the students and teachers to be together and learn from each other. I think it also gives the students a great opportunity to present his/her findings and feel accomplished. I would definitely recommend the CESTL to other LIU students. I think that all of the teachers in the education department should promote the conference to his/her students. It is a wonderful learning experience. I would advise all students to present at the CESTL conference. I was very scared at first and didn’t feel like I could do it. Looking back now, I am so glad that I did! It was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a prospective teacher.
(Andrea Wapnick)

I was excited for the CESTL conference because I had a lot of fun working on my presentation. I was also looking forward to the student panel. I learned that if teachers listen to their students and teach classes that are different and exciting they can have a lasting impact on their students’ lives. I felt prepared for the CESTL conference because I had done the practice run through in class. If I hadn’t done that I probably would have been much more nervous. I worked very hard for the CESTL conference because I wanted my presentation to be something I could be proud of. I

was satisfied with my performance at the CESTL but I will always feel that I can do better. Being a perfectionist, there are always notes I make to myself about how I can improve in the future. I always feel more comfortable participating in this class than any other. This is one of those rare classes that allows you to think and rewards you for it. Consequently, I feel that I learn more and feel better prepared to be an educator because the class discussions were meaningful and thoughtful.

CESTL was an interesting and fun experience. The power point presentations and posters were interesting, as were the guest speakers, and the panel discussion with the middle school/high school students was great. I would definitely recommend the CESTL conference to other education majors because there is a wealth of information that can be helpful to them as future teachers. I have no complaints about the CESTL at all. I think having it in the Top of the Commons was a really great idea though. It was a great atmosphere for the conference: light and positive but also professional. For future students, I would suggest thinking seriously about which research topic to choose. If the whole semester is going to be spent researching and learning about that topic it should be one that the student has interest in and is passionate about. It should also be one that can be studied through classroom observations. (Jessica Murphy)

I was extremely nervous prior to my presentation. However, after I presented I was extremely relieved and pretty confident that I did well. I learned that there is a large demographic of learners within the classroom and it is our job as teachers to appeal to each kind. One set of curriculum does not fulfill all students’ needs. I was prepared for the CESTL conference because I felt confident with my PowerPoint and I practiced not only in class but I few times at home. I was very satisfied with my performance because not only did I receive positive feedback but I felt confident that my presentation went smoothly. Everything seemed to flow nicely, and I thankfully didn’t stutter on any words.

This course experience has helped me because not only has the research provided me with effective and essential information, but it has given confidence in relation to public speaking and my ability to share my own beliefs about education. I think overall it was a very effective learning experience because not only did I grow confidence in myself, the entire conference brought to my attention such essential and interesting issues and was extremely informative. I really liked the panel of high school students and hearing the perspectives about their educational experiences. However, I wish there were more students participating to obtain some more information. (Jammianne Kruse)

I was nervous yet excited to present my work to everyone who would be at the conference. I learned a little bit from each person at the conference. However I think I learned the most from Jessica Murphy’s presentation on how two faced adolescent students are. I feel I was really prepared for the conference mainly because of the workshop we did as a class the week before hearing everyone’s positive and negative feedback gave me all the confidence I needed. I worked extremely hard for this conference because it is not only important for me but for all the students and Dr. Boyanton as well. I feel quite satisfied with my performance at the conference. I think everyone benefited from my presentation.

The CESTL conference gave me the confidence that I can do relate and help students to become more motivated in the future. I think the CESTL is a great experience for all new teachers as well as seasoned teachers because we as teachers should always try to become better and learn whatever we can. However, I think that the CESTL should be more advertised to people outside the university to provide a place where all teachers can come and learn from each other. The only advice I will give to future students is to take this very seriously because we can learn so much from it. (Matthew Musumeci)

When I got there I was excited to hear other student’s presentations. However, when it was time for the poster presentations I was nervous because I didn’t know what questions people were going to ask me. One thing I learned from the CESTL was that when I become a teacher it is going to be very hard the first few years. I was very prepared for the CESTL conference. I knew topic very well and had practice a few times the night before with my mom. I worked really hard to become prepared for the CESTL conference. I finished my entire paper during spring break. I had various people read my paper and went to the writing center 3 times to make sure it was good. A week before the CESTL conference I started making my posters and goody bags.

I was pretty satisfied with my performance at the CESTL conference. My poster looked really good and the people loved the goody bags of candy. However, not a lot of people were coming to see my poster. Since I was off to the corner and it was during lunch break I couldn’t really grab a lot of people’s attention. The CESTL conference has made me to feel more confident with public speaking. The learning experience was very helpful and insightful. I learned a lot of new information to help me become the best teacher I can be. I would tell education majors that the CESTL conference is one thing they must see before graduating or student teaching. The reason being, that they can learn a lot of valuable information that will help them when they are teaching. As for Suggestions? I do not have any suggestions because it was perfect.☺ My advice for future students are: Make sure they know their topic inside and out. Also, to be confident when presenting whether it’s a PowerPoint or poster presentation. (Sara Walden)

I did feel a bit nervous about presenting in the conference because I wanted to come across as professional and knowledgeable. I learned that people could observe a classroom and see things from many different perspectives. It is important to view your own classroom through the eyes of others. This course experience helped me realized that I have important things to say and I have useful strategies for teachers to use in the classroom. I do think it is a great idea that students get a chance to research and present their findings to their peers and members of the college. I think again that it is a rough time of the semester and it is also a long day with many presenters. I would recommend the CESTL conference to other LIU students, but I would also recommend that they do have a real passion for their topic and their findings. My advice for future students is: Be passionate and prepared. Get to the point and do not talk endlessly!! People want to see conclusion and research, not a bunch of endless talking. (Jaclyn Mastro)

In the time leading up to the CESTL conference, I felt nervous, but excited. What I felt most anxious about was being able to remember enough of my information, including specific details and examples, to share my research and learning with others. I didn’t want to forget anything important or become flustered and unprofessional during my presentation. However, while at the conference, I felt proud and confident. I spent so much time and effort researching, organizing, writing, and editing my paper and creating my poster, that I felt I could share a great presentation with others.

The LIU professors panel was very interesting and enlightening. I learned that establishing a classroom environment that advocates trust and respect is crucial for successful teaching and learning. Teaching is a two-way street and teachers must foster trust and respect in their own attitude if they hope to receive these from for their students. I was very prepared for the CESTL conference. I thought that the preparation for the CESTL conference was planned out very well for our class. It was wonderful to complete the research project in stages over the course of the semester. Completing the different requirements/sections of the project over time allowed me to keep on-track and up-to-date as well as to strategically plan the time and effort I would devote to the research, organization, and creation of my project. In the week before the CESTL, my paper was mostly complete (I just needed to put the finishing touches on it) so I was able to use the research and observation information that I organized, compiled, and described in my paper and put it onto a poster board. After creating/decorating my poster, I felt completely ready to go. I knew all of the information I would present, my poster was complete and visually appealing, and I felt confident and proud of my work. I have worked so hard for the CESTL conference. Although I put all of my hard work and effort into everything I do, I wanted to be able to proudly and confidently showcase my hard work at the conference. Therefore, throughout the project, I knew that because I was working so hard, I wanted to make my project the best it could be.

The CESTL was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our hard work and our learning, and I wanted to live up to Professor Boyanton’s high expectations. I was very satisfied with my performance at the CESTL. During the poster presentation, I relished the opportunity to share my project with others. Wherever someone visited me and my poster, I felt that I was able to explain the main facts, my research findings, and answer any of their questions confidently and thoroughly. In my opinion, the poster presentation was enjoyable and could not have gone better. This course experience has allowed me to experience what it feels like to become confident in my knowledge on a chosen topic and also to convey that knowledge to others in an interactive and interesting way. I believe that these are skills a successful teacher must possess and utilize to reach their students and foster an environment where their students can learn and can appreciate their learning.

The CESTL learning experience was interesting and worthwhile. I really enjoyed hearing the presentations and looking at the posters of other students. There was such a wide variety of topics presented and it was enjoyable to gain different perspectives of the many aspects, issues, and concerns of teaching. In addition, it was beneficial to hear how other students connected their research with their classroom observations. The examples helped me to gain a deeper, more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the topics and how they can be applied/addressed in real classrooms. I will definitely recommend the CESTL to other LIU students. I had an enjoyable experience and I believe the CESTL can be a valuable learning experience for other students as well. It was comforting to organize and present with other students who are in the same position as me, pre-service teachers about to embark on our teaching careers. In addition, hearing the perspectives of experienced professors provided wise information that I can consider as I complete my undergraduate education and embark on my teaching career.

In the future, I would suggest allotting time for the poster presentation that does not occur during the lunch break. Although I was able to share my presentation and interact with several people, I wish I could have shared my work with even more people. My advice for future students is to keep up-to-date with field observations and independent research. Complete field observations early in the semester, don’t wait; this way, students will not feel pressured and rushed to complete the observations quickly. If students take their time, I think they will find the field observations to be more beneficial to their learning and they will have more time to connect their observations to the information in their research projects. If students take the conference seriously and work hard to prepare their projects and presentations throughout the semester, they will have nothing to worry about during the CESTL. (Meghan McKillop)

I felt very nervous and excited about the CESTL at the same time. One thing that I Learned at CESTL was from the teacher panel is that one should not be upset if things don’t go the way one has planned it. And that instead of giving up one should get motivated to do better next time. I have worked very hard preparing for the conference. I practiced as much as I could so that I would do a great job presenting. I also kept reviewing the information that I had found. It has helped me with my confidence because it has expanded my knowledge about situations that teacher will face during their teaching career, allowing me to understand and know how to respond to adolescents. I think that the CESTL overall was a great experience, and it allows us to practice public speaking. I would definitely recommend the CESTL to other LIU students because people can learn a lot from hearing presentations about topics that might not be covered in class. (Nubia Renderos)

This past weekend was the CESTL conference at C.W. Post. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meeting. However, I heard that everyone did an excellent job and the conference was a huge success. I would like to congratulate Dr. Boyanton for working very hard to create the CESTL conference and my classmates for presenting their research there. I am very fortunate that I am in Dr. Boyanton’s EDI 17 class because it has been an awesome experience. I have truly learned a lot about the development of an adolescent. I loved doing my research project on adolescent personalities and I hope that everyone enjoyed my presentation last Thursday. I was happy that I was asked very interesting questions by my professor and classmates about my research. I was happy to answer them truthfully and I felt like I did an excellent job with answering them. I look forward to doing more research as I have done for my EDI 17 class. I have one more comment, and that is that I did not feel on bit nervous about going up in front of the class and presenting. This is a result because of the strategies Dr. Boyanton had used throughout the semester to get our class comfortable with each other. I must thank Dr. Boyanton for doing all of those activities to “break the ice” between the students. (Jerry Franchino)

At first I was nervous but then I settled down after a couple hours of sitting there watching all the presentations. I learned that I was able to speak in front of a large group of people without being as nervous as I usually am. I felt comfortable to speak in front of people from a different culture that I was. I was very prepared for the conference because I reviewed my slides and what I was going to present several times before I arrived. I worked the whole semester on the research that I presented at the conference. I knew that in order to come up with solid conclusions on my research topic I would have to be a lot of time and effort in. I was very satisfied with my presentation because I was able to speak clearly and get my point across without shuddering.

Overall, I feel that every future teacher should experience at least one conference in their lives because you learn so much about education. I would encourage other LIU students to watch and present at the conference. I would suggest that future students pick a topic that they have a lot of interest in because this is something they will be spending a lot of time researching. The more interested you are in a topic, the better performance there is to come. (John Leggio)

Excited, I really enjoyed the experience. I got a lot out of the student panel. Especially the part on technology in the classroom. I was very prepared for the CESTL. I took a long time working on my poster and I’ve been prepairing for it for a week now. I also worked very hard at it. I wanted to show not only how much work I put into my research but also show people how interested I was with my own research. I like doing well in general. I was very satisfied with my poster.

I had a lot of people visit my poster and I got a lot of positive feedback from others on my poster and presentation. I feel I really am becoming an expert in the education field and this just helped me realize it further. I learned a lot by being a part of it and going to it and I believe that not only was it a learning experience but it looks so great on your resume that we as students were allowed to partake in this experience. (Katherine Gutkes)

Before the CESTL conference I was a little bit nervous about my own presentation but I was also excited about it and I was also excited to see all of my classmates present, and also to see what the people from the other classes would be presenting. I learned a lot from the CESTL! Everyone’s presentations were on something different and interesting and I enjoyed all of them. In general, I learned about how much goes into teaching and how many aspects of teaching have to be considered such as motivation, students identity and personalities, the environment and the behavior of students. I think that one of my favorite parts was the professor panel. I really enjoyed what the professors had to say. I was very prepared for the CESTL. I spent a lot of time researching my topic and I put a lot of time and effort into creating my poster board. I knew my information and I felt completely prepared coming into the CESTL. I feel that I have worked very hard. I put a lot of time in creating my poster because I wanted to make sure it had the most valuable and interesting information about my topic on the board as well as it looking nice and also professional. Before I did this I spent a lot of time working on my paper and collecting information to incorporate into both my paper and my poster presentation.

I was very satisfied with my performance. I felt that the people who I was able to speak to during the poster presentations really understood and enjoyed my poster and what I had to say on my topic. I think it has helped with my confidence in many ways. The course in general has helped with my confidence because I felt that throughout the course I was becoming more and more comfortable expressing my thoughts and opinions and sharing with the class. At the CESTL the presentation aspect helped with my confidence because I had to speak to people and tell them about my research as well as make sure I knew my research so that I sounded educated and knew what I was talking about. But also just being at the CESTL and hearing what everyone was presenting and speaking about I feel that I learned so much that I am going to be able to bring into my classroom. I feel that I gained so much important knowledge today that is so important for my future.

CESTL was a really great experience and I really enjoyed all aspects of it. I would definitely recommend the CESTL to all LIU students! I will especially recommend the class EDI 17 with Dr. Boyanton. I feel that all semester our discussions were a preparation for the CESTL. Even though the CESTL was intimidating in the beginning when you first hear about it, I feel like it was such a positive experience. I am not sure that I have an advice or suggestions. I can’t really think about anything that I would have changed about the conference. For future students I would tell them not to let the CESTL conference intimidate them. Both of the times that I took a class with Dr. Boyanton I was very nervous upon first hearing about the CESTL, but in the end it was much more enjoyable then it was nerve-wracking. I would tell them to relax about the conference but to put a lot of hard work into creating a great and informative presentation. (Lauren Vonili?)

Unfortunately I was unable to be apart of the CESTL experience; what I can reflect on is the excellent journey of preparing for the conference and how my time in EDI 17 helped me become more confident as a public speaker and more knowledgeable as a prospective teacher. In the beginning of the semester I was very nervous and overwhelmed about my research project, I knew that this project required a lot of work, investigation, and in the end a presentation of my findings. I did not know where to begin, I have never written a research paper before. What I liked and respected about Dr. Boyanton, was that she guided us through the process, she did not just assign the project and throw it into our hands (which what most instructors do); throughout the semester, EDI 17 was the foundation of our research, we learned about: theories and how they were applied, development of adolescents, and the challenges and rewards of being an instructor of adolescent students. In addition to the instruction and guidance of Dr. Boyanton, the workshops were extremely helpful and deeply appreciated; they helped me become more confident about my project, as well as my presentation (learning how to apply the correct font, sequence and background). I had the time to properly prepare and do research for my project, which made me more confident and excited about presenting it. Though my research was an individual endeavor, I was able to experience it with my peers during class discussions, journals, and workshops. I really feel that everyone put a lot of effort into their research projects – what made me to even want to work harder was the respect and encouragement of Dr. Botanton, she help me believe in myself and my abilities to become a more effective public speaker. (Jessica)

I was nervous about the CESTL conference because I am not usually outgoing and definitely not a good public speaker. Other than that, I thought the CESTL was an excellent way for me to meet new people and gain new perspectives in the educational forum. I learned that education is a common theme throughout the world. Regardless of where someone was born or raised, we all share in that passion to uplift ourselves by educating ourselves and giving that opportunity to others. Preparing my PowerPoint and poster was a struggle because I was constantly changing my topic based on my observations. It took me 2 weeks to do the poster because I was very meticulous and it took me even longer to do the PowerPoint because I wanted to make sure my observations were convincing in answering my research questions. It was unfortunate that one person ruined my chances of sharing my poster. I worked this hard because I wanted to prove that I am capable of mastering the material and that even though I struggled I finally was able to grasp it. CESTL was a great experience. I would recommend it to other LIU students because it is an excellent way to network and meet new people. The different panels allow you to gain insight that you might not have ever been exposed to before attending. I hope the CESTL should partner with other institutions like SUNY Old Westbury to expand the student base and perspectives. Maybe offer workshops that will help education students build on their teaching skills or methods. Even have a motivational speaker that can address new teachers and prospective speakers. CESTL was a long conference. Possibly breaking it up into a two day session on Saturday and Sunday or 2 day session covering two weekends so that all students can participate and not fall off in the end.
(Tarissa Pickens)

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