Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5th CESTL Program

5th CESTL Tentative Program
May 2, 2009 (Sat)
Chapel Lounge,
Long Island University, C.W.Post

9:00am-9:10am Poster set-up Poster presenters

9:10am-9:20am Welcome address Dr. Kathryn Lusteg
Associate Dean, School of Education

9:20am-9:30am Introduction of CESTL Dr. Dengting Boyanton

9:30am-10:20am Keynote Address:
Passion to teach Dr. Mark Birchette, LIU, Brooklyn

10:20am-10:30am Break

PowerPoint Presentations

1 Behavior modifications for student’s with Asberger Syndrome in the classroom Cassie Ann Dunn

2 How does school environment affect students’ behavior in the classroom? Yun Lee

3 “It was just a joke”: Impact of bullying on adolescents Andrea Garcia

4 Understanding the impact of the media and technology on adolescent behavior Eric Morris

5 What are the motivators and de-motivators of today's adolescents? Shannon Lehosky

6 Strategies for handling misbehavior effectively in an inclusion classroom Colette Squillante

7 Misbehavior: Why do children misbehave and how do parents influence the behavior? Scott Fialkoff

11:40am-12:00pm Break

12:00pm-12:50pm Invited panel: Teaching & learning from professors’ perspective
Dr. Arnold Dodge
(Assistant Professor of Leadership & Administration)
Dr. Lynn Cohen
(Assistant Professor of Special Education & Literacy)
Dr. Efleda Tolentino
(Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education)
Dr. Dengting Boyanton
(Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology)

12:50pm-2:00pm Poster Presentation
& Lunch Break Poster presenters

2:00pm-2:50pm Invited panel: Teaching & learning from K-12 students’ Perspective
Angelo Brussich (12th Grade)
Joanne Garcia (12th Grade)
Alexandra Rossland (11th Grade)
Christiana Dobra (11th Grade)
Joshua Tolentino (6th Grade)

2:50am-3:00pm Break & Entertainment: Irish Dance☺ Colette Squillante

8 Introducing three classroom behavior management approaches Donna Brody

9 The importance of behavior management in the classroom Cindy Sexton

10 Impact of negative peer relationships: A case study of Columbine and Virginia Tech Michelle Evangelista

11 Motivation: What dissuades high school students in the English classroom? Gillian Blitzer

12 Personality: how does it affect one’s learning? Kristyn Horn

13 Understanding students misbehavior: What, why, and how? Nicole La Rosa

14 How does classroom environment affect elementary school students’ learning? Christopher Lodise

15 Special kids: How do they behave in the regular classroom? Josh Korder

16 Where I am from and how I learn: The impact of race/ethnicity on learning Emanuel Messina

4:40pm-5:00pm Break & entertainment: Saw-playing Chelsea Winter

17 Why they don’t want to learn: Understanding adolescent motivation Sean O’Brien

18 What motivate today’s adolescents to learn? Ilyssa Adelman

19 Lost voice: Exploring gender bias in the adolescent classroom setting Dana LaRose

20 What are the dispositions towards literacy for males? Demitra Georgalas

21 Greater teacher, better learning? Examining the impact of great teachers on learning Jennifer Grenville

22 How to motivate students to learn: Importance of bringing pop culture to the classroom Brooke Rosenfeld

23 Do teachers have certain expectations for certain races/ethnicities in the classroom? Priscilla Alvarez

6:30pm-7:00pm Closing: Special Presentation Dr. Dengting Boyanton

Poster Presentations
May 2, 2009 (Sat)

24 Introducing effective classroom management strategies for novice teachers Ruth Henry

25 Popularity: How does students’ social rank affect their academics performance? Alyssa Katz

26 Are foreign students discriminated in the elementary classroom setting? Louiza Mark

27 How can teachers teacher based on students’ learning style thus to increase their confidence to learn? Scott Mines

28 Examining racial discrimination in the elementary classroom Marjorie Contessa

29 Bullying: How bad is it in the elementary classroom? Joseph Scauzillo

30 Behavior modifications for student’s with Asberger Syndrome in the classroom setting Cassie Ann Dunn

31 “I don’t want to talk about it!” The importance of understanding adolescent’s emotions and feelings Christine Bruckner

32 Gender bias: Do boys and girls really learn different in high school? Lindsay Springer

33 How does parental involvement affect adolescents’ motivation to learn? Matthew Montanino

34 Who am I and how do I learn? Understanding the role of identity in adolescents’ learning Daniel Barone

35 Does intelligence equal success? Elyse Capozza

36 Introducing effective methods to create a positive learning environment in the classroom Christopher Barone

37 Are you a nerd or a jock? Exploring the influence of identity on adolescents’ learning Thomas Brouillard

38 Testing: why should teachers make it fair and how? Leidy Leon

39 “This is not how I learn!” Importance of considering students’ learning styles when teaching a lesson Caroline Schipani

40 How to manage misbehavior effectively in the music classroom? Chelsea Winter

41 What can teachers do to create a positive learning environment in the kindergarten classroom? Chiu, Lu-Chun

42 What can PE teachers do to help students with different (e.g., aggressive) personalities? Peter Severin

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